GUYS! I’m finally going to make the Type 1 Diabetic Tumblr List



I finally have a week off from uni (yaayyy) and some free time, and I’m going to set up the Type 1 Diabetic Tumblr List to attach to my blog, because having other dia-badasses to talk and connect with can make life with type 1 that little bit easier 

So, if all the Type 1 Diabetics of Tumblr could reblog this and spread the word, I’ll set it up this week. 



HEY! 😛

If you are diabetic I want you to like and reblog this!

Lets get every diabetic on tumblr to reblog this because we are awesome.

Ready.. GO! 🎉👍

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Getting my insulin pump on Thursday! Cannot put into words how excited I am, going to be stressful adjusting to it all right before first year but I’m ready :))) If anyone has advice, tips, stories, exc. about having a pump (especially medtronic) then send me a message. I need more diabetic friends!

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I feel so physically sick right now. A father, husband, son, best friend has been taken from the world. over a truck.. the world is a scary place.



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stop being cute if you’re not gonna date me wtf

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happy saint pattys from ottawa

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Josh Palma

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I would die for this…

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