Why isn’t anyone talking about this?

Fuck the police

All of these posts are really starting to bother me. Can we take a moment to look at this from the officers perspective. Obviously they pulled the man aside for whatever reason, but who on earth thinks its a good idea to lunge at police officers with a FAKE SAMURAI sword. I’m also assuming that it was probably semi realistic. So I’m not sure why everyone is saying it’s a huge problem because it was fake. I guess you would all be okay if I pulled a fake gun out on you and tried to rob you because it’s just ‘fake’. I didn’t realized that tumblr is full of samurai sword experts who in a hostile situation would immediately know it’s a toy when lunged at. God, everyone is so hard on police and it’s honestly absurd. Yes there are incidents where we hear about an officer breaking conduct or wrongfully killing a fellow human but compared to the number of police officers on duty world wide it’s a small number. Everyone is generalizing that all police are sick pigs and that we aren’t safe anymore but that’s so far from the truth! I live in a family with numerous officers and I take great offence to this because they would NEVER intentionally harm someone, they honestly get up everyday and work to keep the community safe and pride themselves on that. Policing isn’t an easy job, it’s emotionally and physically draining and one of the major contributors to their stress is things like this being said in the media, and people hating on them and being afraid of them. So please, stop being so critical of ALL police officers, and please stop believing every ounce of what you read in the media because they don’t know the whole story. 

End of rant. 

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GUYS! I’m finally going to make the Type 1 Diabetic Tumblr List



I finally have a week off from uni (yaayyy) and some free time, and I’m going to set up the Type 1 Diabetic Tumblr List to attach to my blog, because having other dia-badasses to talk and connect with can make life with type 1 that little bit easier 

So, if all the Type 1 Diabetics of Tumblr could reblog this and spread the word, I’ll set it up this week. 



HEY! 😛

If you are diabetic I want you to like and reblog this!

Lets get every diabetic on tumblr to reblog this because we are awesome.

Ready.. GO! 🎉👍

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Getting my insulin pump on Thursday! Cannot put into words how excited I am, going to be stressful adjusting to it all right before first year but I’m ready :))) If anyone has advice, tips, stories, exc. about having a pump (especially medtronic) then send me a message. I need more diabetic friends!

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I feel so physically sick right now. A father, husband, son, best friend has been taken from the world. over a truck.. the world is a scary place.



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stop being cute if you’re not gonna date me wtf

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happy saint pattys from ottawa

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Josh Palma

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I would die for this…

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